Treatment for Sleep Apnoea

Sleepscreen CPAP management program

  • My results recommended CPAP. What now?
  • What is involved in my CPAP management program?
  • A trial will consist of

There are many products and treatments for snoring but the most effective prescribed treatment for significant sleep apnoea is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP.

My results recommended CPAP. What now?

Image of cutaway of human airway

Once you have discussed your results with your doctor he may refer you back to Sleepscreen to commence CPAP therapy.

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. When you have sleep apnoea your airways are blocked by collapsing tissue and your tongue thus stopping you from breathing. CPAP therapy delivers a continuous stream of air to hold open the airways whilst you sleep thus preventing the them from collapsing. The pressure is delivered via a small mask system over the nose or nose and mouth combined. It eliminates apnoea and snoring allowing better quality sleep for you and your partner.

At Sleepscreen, our clinical staff are medically trained professionals with continued ongoing training to ensure the most up to date information is utilised when setting up a patient on CPAP. They have almost 20 years experience in the field of sleep medicine between them. All our staff have used CPAP therapy themselves so can provide first- hand knowledge and understanding of the problems that a first time user may face. Whilst CPAP is initially a daunting prospect, most patients and their partners are pleasantly surprised at how quiet and easy it is to use. A period of adjustment is expected and the majority of people experience some improvement in their daytime alertness and general well being within the first couple of weeks. It has been our experience that although most patients feel some benefits and improvement in themselves within the trial period, it may take 6 – 12 months before full benefits are felt.

Long term follow up of CPAP is strongly advised by the SleepScreen clinic. Regular appointments are scheduled to optimise equipment function, troubleshoot mask and pump problems and ensure adequate usage remains consistent.

What is involved in my Sleepscreen CPAP management program?

Once it has been established that you have significant sleep apnoea it is recommended that you hire a CPAP device, better known as a trial, through Sleepscreen for at least a month. This gives you, the patient the opportunity to check your compatibility with using CPAP prior to purchasing your own device.

Sleepscreen have also incorporated a unique support program that includes access to our website database for all things CPAP. As a Sleepscreen member you will have access to our own specialised articles, proven strategies to give you the best chance at succeeding, CPAP videos and patient education to ensure optimal therapy is achieved combined with regular one on one consultations with your assigned clinician.

A trial will consist of:

  1. An initial one hour consult with one of our trained clinicians. The consultation will involve explanation of your results, education on the use of the devices and mask systems available and what to expect from treatment should you elect to use CPAP long term. As comfort of the mask and pressure are paramount, the clinician will lie you down to try the CPAP system prior to leaving
  2. Several review consults through the trial. These let you review your personal data on the computer screen one on one with your clinician. You can view first-hand how you have progressed with your usage, mask fit, apnoea control and pressure requirements as well as address any issues that may be occurring. If you are unable to attend these sessions, we have processes to monitor you remotely.
  3. At the completion of your 4 week trial, a specialised study will be performed to confirm that CPAP treatment is correcting oxygen levels, heart rate and apnoea.
  4. Sleepscreen offer several purchasing options which your clinician will run through during the trial. Once you have acquired your own device we will continue to review you at regular intervals

Please feel free to contact us If you have any questions on CPAP therapy or pricing.