Sleep Habits


Avoid using sleeping pills on a regular (nightly) basis. Although alcohol may help to put you to sleep, alcohol causes disturbed sleep.


Avoid coffee, tea, and cola drinks after 2pm. Eat the evening meal at least 2–3 hours before bedtime. Hunger may disturb sleep so a light snack especially warm milk or herbal tea may help you settle to sleep.


Regular exercise releases energy and mental stress, however, strenuous exercise should be avoided before bedtime.

Falling Asleep:

Have a regular bedtime between 9pm and 10.30pm.

Adopt a routine for an hour or so before bedtime such as reading, light exercise, resting quietly or taking a warm bath or shower.

Don't watch TV. Do not finish office work or discuss family finances with your spouse before bed.

If you cant' sleep, get out of bed and do something boring – in another room. Return to bed when you are sleepy. Do not do "jobs" when you awaken through the night.


Avoid naps in the early afternoon or evening if you are having trouble getting to sleep at your usual bedtime.

Getting Up:

The most important thing in your sleep habit is to maintain the same rising time. No matter how sleepy you are, get up at the same time in the morning (if work allows). Go out into the morning light to set your "body clock".