SleepScreen Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was created to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy and security. As part of our data management, Sleepscreen Pty Ltd will keep a record of logons, calls and usage for statistical purposes although we will not make any attempt to identify users except in the case of where a law enforcement agency may implement a warrant to examine the internet service provider's logs.

The data obtained will assist us with improving our website SleepScreen will not release any personal information or transaction history/details to any 3rd party. Personal information in regard to purchases is collected for processing orders only. The information collected would generally comprise name, address, postal address, telephone, fax and e-mail contact details. Credit card details are not kept therefore Credit card details will be re -obtained with every new transaction. Personal information via email is used to complete your request and is not used for marketing purposes. Please express If you wish not to be contacted beyond your request, by SleepScreen. Personal information will not be recorded or on-sold

Should you contact SleepScreen requiring technical or clinical assistance, we, to assist in better client management also record information relating to your problem and our suggested solutions. Sleepscreen reserves the right to alter, update, add, or remove sections of this document from time to time and all changes can be viewed via the Sleepscreen website