CPAP Pressure Review

Ongoing Pressure Assessments

Once established on treatment, regular reviews of your treatment pressure including oximetry assessment should be performed to ensure optimal therapy. If snoring, tiredness or other symptoms recur, your pressure requirements may have changed. Pressure requirements change with:

  • Weight increase or loss
  • Medical conditions of the heart or lungs
  • Alcohol intake
  • Medications including anti-depressants, sleeping tablets or cardiac medications
  • Surgery involving upper airway, nose or throat.

How do I organise a Pressure Assessment?

  • Speak with your doctor to arrange a referral
  • Your doctor will fax through the referral and our staff will contact you to arrange an appointment
  • Two appointments will be required
  • First appointment consists of taking home one of our monitoring devices that will assess your pressures, mask leak, snoring, oxygen and pulse levels
  • A second appointment the following day consists of downloading the data and discussing the results. Checking your own equipment and resetting the pressure as required
  • A comprehensive report from our sleep specialist will be forwarded to your doctor.

To organise your pressure review, you may like to download a referral form from our website.